Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sullied Saturday

I know I was just over there a week ago, but for Memorial Day weekend, I got to go back across the mountains to see cousin Hendrix for a few days (woohoo!)! Something about mom having to babysit him or something...

Anyways, after lunch today we got to go outside and play in his backyard. His parents just bought a new house last fall and have been doing lots of neat landscaping projects there (retaining walls, grass seed, new plants and bushes, etc). We found a cool spot under the tree where the grass was especially thin and had a BLAST wallowing in the dirt! Imagine my mom's horror when she saw me looking like THIS...

...tee hee hee!

Partners in GRIME!

I think he might be sweet on me...

Dapper fellow, isn't he?

(sigh)... getting filthy is exhausting.


  1. LOL! But you are awfully cute when you are messy. :)

  2. They both look like they had so much fun playing in the dirt. And they've got the "who me...?" look down pat. :D

  3. Those are the cutest pictures!!!!

    Elizabeth & Luna

  4. Pawsome Photos! Thanks so much for sharing. :)

    Happy Tails from All the Gang at Muttsville

  5. But getting dirty is so much fun. Trust us, we know.

    P.S. - We love Hendrix's ears!

  6. These Pictures are so cute!!

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    Thanks so much!

  7. Hey Macy! I'm so glad to meet you! I just found you at Yoda's blog! My name is Sammie, and I'm a rescue golden who has had bunches of fun with my peeps for exactly three years! I came to them at 9 mos old - so come on over. I just got a brand new baby sisfur named Avalon. I know you can give my Mom some tips on what to expect from my sis and how to deal with it heheh! You sure are cute and look great with you cuz! Nice of your Mom to babysit! Going over to vote for you now!
    Hugs xoxoxo

  8. (Vote for Lucky Pups!)
    Sammie - sorry!

  9. That look guarantees there's been lots of fun!


  10. Oh ha ha ha! The cutest pictures EVER!!