Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pressing Her Luck

When we brought baby Macy into our home, we decided that because of her eventual size, we wanted to impose a "no dogs on the furniture" rule while she was little so it wouldn't be such a challenge once she was grown. However, now that Macy has grown legs, she has started testing the rules.

Notice, her back legs are still on the floor, so "technically", she's not "on" the furniture (or so she would argue).

What? I'm not doing anything...

WOOHOO! I made it! Uh-oh... my bone fell to the floor... I wasn't done with that...

We lost the battle—will we win the war?
Nom, nom, nom...


  1. Ha-ha - a dedicated couch sitter is born!


  2. The cuter you look, the less likely you will get tossed off. I had that down to a science and I get to go anywhere I want.

  3. Ha ha! Rules are made to be broken--you go, girl!