Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Toothless Tuesday

I've lost my first tooth! I wanted to save it and put it under my bed for the Puppy Tooth Fairy, but it's so little that I lost it and there's no telling where it might be! Hopefully the Puppy Tooth Fairy knows what a good girl I have been and will bring me some treats anyways?


  1. Congrats on loosing your first tooth! But-OH NO- you really LOST it? That tooth counted for several cookies left under your pillow! Hum...maybe you can leave a note and explain the situation. I'm sure the tooth fairy will understand.
    "Dear Puppy Tooth Fairy,
    My first lost tooth was inadvertently misplaced. Please consider this an IOU. Please leave lots of cookies so I can work on loosing the others.
    Give that a try. I'm sure your cute snoozing face will soften her tooth fairy heart! =)

  2. I like that advice! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Oh how cute! I love when they start losing their little toofers :) But I bet you swallowed it, Macy! Just tell mom to sift through your poop...

    Check out this picture of Augie's baby teeth:


  4. It's always nice once those teeth aren't quite so razor sharp!


  5. We were lucky to find a lot of Penny's baby teeth when they fell out...I think we have about 8 of them. :D

    I remember being so surprised when she first started teething and I saw blood on her favorite toy...if I hadn't done a bit of reading on the subject I would have definitely freaked out.

    It certainly was nice when she got rid of those needle sharp baby teeth so that our play time wasn't quite as painful. :D