Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Campers

My girl thinks my kennel is pretty neat—probably because she can fit in it so easily. She was playing in my kennel this morning and trying to coax me to join her by telling me we were going to play "camp out".
Here she is sitting on the fuzzy mat from my very first kennel!

"Come on in, Macy! Let's go camping!"

What can I say? I'm a sucker for a sweet girl!

Aww!! Puppy lovin's! I LOVE those! xoxo

In other news, my family is finally throwing tennis balls again since I got spayed! HOORAY! I could play catch with those all day long!

Oh! I almost forgot! ...I turned six months old the other day! I'm 50 pounds now and growing up fast!


  1. You are growing up fast. Sometimes, I can't believe how big you've gotten!


  2. Chasing balls is the best. Where's the tall guy - I think I'm ready to play again!

  3. Happy Lovins to you, too!

    I would suggest that you continue to prefect your "chase" skills, on a counta there was a Chinese dog that "fetched" $600,00.

    I'm working on my skills too... but I started wif a tennis ball. Just sayin.

    wif love from the Luke

  4. That little girl really loves you! Glad you have each other.

  5. You are growing up fast and have great manners too by letting someone come into your house without an invitation! :-))

  6. It's nice of you to share your kennel!


  7. Those are such cute pictures! You are really getting big!

    (PS Your girl's disguise cracks me up every time!)

  8. Adorable!! I want to come and play camp out :) Glad to have stumbled across your blog and happy to follow your adventures!