Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crunch, Thump, ...RUN!

I turned nine months old yesterday! Hard to believe how much I've grown in such a short time. I've had a lot of interesting experiences since I came to live with my new family in late March, many of which have been chronicled here. My latest experience has been what mom calls "Fall"...

I've noticed that my yard looks a little different these days—all of the beautiful green leaves on the tree in my front yard changed color and fell to the ground. I love the way these colored leaves smell, and I love munching on them and trying to sneak them into the house after potty breaks, but I do NOT like walking on them!

When I go outside for potty breaks, I try to avoid walking on them as much as possible and seek out a place just off of the sidewalk and as leaf-free as possible to do my business. I don't mind a few leaves here and there, but crunchy piles of them bug me. It just doesn't seem right that so much noise should be coming from my feet!

In fact, when I go for walks, I am adamant about not walking on the iron water meter covers that litter my route. When I was a young pup, I made the mistake of walking on one once and it made a jiggling sound as it shifted slightly under my weight... scared me to death! Now I am sure to make a wide arc around them and quicken my step as we pass. Sometimes mom walks on them and I get the willies when they thump. Imagine how difficult it is to avoid them when they're covered in leaves! UGH...! But I digress...

Thankfully mom got out the rake and lawn mower and pulverized the leaves. Now it's not so noisy when I play in the yard. I have discovered that in a few spots, the mulched up leaves are a little thicker and when I get the zoomies and brake really fast or do hard cornering that I can get them to kick up and spray in the air. Trust me, it's really cool! Mom just shakes her head and smiles. So now that there are no more leaves to smuggle in, I am back to trying to sneak in large chunks of mulch from the flower beds to munch on. : D

Hope you're enjoying fall where you are! I'm lovin' it!


  1. You are silly, Macy! Leaves are supposed to be fun - run and jump in them!


  2. Even though Lady is 10 years older than you are, you two have a lot in common; she smuggles BUGs into the house!! We call her the bug-bus because they are always hitching a ride after she lounges in the garden. I bet your Mom would love to have some cool spiders in the house to keep her company....BOL

  3. Can I come over and run through the leaves with you? That sounds fun!

  4. Oh that is so funny. Jack LOVES the manhole covers - I think it's all the smells :)

  5. Macy - Big pile of leaves and a big running jump - it is almost like snow.

  6. This is really funny! Dogs are so silly!