Monday, July 25, 2011

Back From Vacation!

I know what you're thinking, "Back from vacation?! Your last post was at Christmas! That's must have been some vacation!" But no, friends, I have not been on vacation since Christmas. The truth is, mom has been a blogging slacker. (Get with the program, ma!)

The vacation of which I speak is the one where I get to stay with my beloved cousin Hendrix for a WHOLE WEEK while my family is out of town! You may recall that I love,, ...LOVE him! We have so much fun together!

And guess what? Hendrix got a new baby brother (a kitty) named Hitch since I last posted! I like him a lot and he likes me too. We like to chase each other and he especially enjoys playing with my tail, which I am usually wagging. My aunt shot this picture of us catching some Zzz's...

The other morning all of us fur-babies jumped in bed with my aunt and uncle to snooze before starting our day; what you don't see is my other cousin Harley (also a kitty) who is cuddling at my aunt's neck! My aunt says she might need to get a bigger bed...

My mom told my aunt once how sometimes I think I'm a lap dog (I love my cuddles!), but my aunt was still surprised when I tried crawling into her lap one day! This is one of my mom's favorite pictures—mom loves the expression of delight on my aunt's face! xoxo

My aunt is really good about taking pictures of me and emailing them to mom when we're apart. But as you know, I am not always the most cooperative pup!

Here my aunt tried repeatedly to get a nice mug shot of me, but I'm a busy dog! I've got stuff to do! I can't be sitting around posing! This last one was just a lucky shot...

In other news, I regret to share with you that my feline sister recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Holly would have been 19 years old this fall! She had a great life with a lot of neat experiences and was a great kitty. She got to live overseas for a few years and loved to eat tomatoes! Silly old puss... Mom misses her terribly! My little brother Smokey (a kitty) misses her too; she was 10 years old when he joined the family at six weeks of age. She's practically all he's ever known. I'll try to get mom to post a pic of her so you can see how beautiful she was!

Hope you have been having a great 2011! I certainly have! I know mom is looking forward to sharing some of my shenanigans with you soon!

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