Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Visit with Santa!

I got to visit with Santa! I was REALLY excited to meet him!

My girl went with me and mom to see him. She seemed enthusiastic about our visit, but yet once she caught sight of him, she didn't want to get near him. Weird.

Mom said it reminded her of my girl's visit with Santa two years ago (see below)...

Hopefully my girl will have a change of heart about him this year so mom can get a nice picture of them together too!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bring on the Snow!

Yesterday when I got up, there was this amazing white stuff all over my yard! I couldn't believe it! At first I was a little leery of it—after all, I've never seen anything quite like this before!

Initially I didn't want to leave the top step to go down into the yard to potty, but with dad's encouragement I did. Ooh! It was so cold! And so intriguing!

Soon my little girl came out and joined me in the yard. Once I saw that she enjoyed the white stuff, I started to enjoy it too! We started running around in it, traipsing all over the yard. I ran laps around my favorite tree, kicking up lots of snow with every lap! I especially had fun running and sticking my nose in it!

After we had tread in all of the snow in our yard, my girl started to get cold and was ready to go back inside.

I can't wait to play in it again! Hope you get snow where you are!