Friday, December 17, 2010

A Visit with Santa!

I got to visit with Santa! I was REALLY excited to meet him!

My girl went with me and mom to see him. She seemed enthusiastic about our visit, but yet once she caught sight of him, she didn't want to get near him. Weird.

Mom said it reminded her of my girl's visit with Santa two years ago (see below)...

Hopefully my girl will have a change of heart about him this year so mom can get a nice picture of them together too!


  1. It's a very cute picture of you two!


  2. Santa can sometimes be a a bit scary if you've had problems 'being good' -- Obviously you've not had this problem this year! ;-))) I hope you have a good weekend!!

  3. I have really no ambitions to go see Santa this year. I haven't been exactly the best dog in the world... last thing I need is being sent to the south pole!


  4. What a fabulous picture of you and Santa! Tell Mom I know how she feels--neither of my kids would pose with Santa either!