Saturday, July 10, 2010

Whatcha been up to? I've been...

Hi friends! It's been a while since I last posted and a lot has gone on since you last visited!

For one thing, I have been spending some more time playing in the sprinkler and paddling pool with my girl on days when it's not too hot (it's been pretty hot). Other times I just stay inside and play with my family and pester my cat. Mom has been working with me to try to catch tennis balls in midair—I'm getting better at this! I LOVE tennis balls! I always stop what I'm doing when dad switches over to the Tennis Channel on TV—I am intrigued by those delightful yellow fuzzy balls going back and forth... Mom is just waiting for me to jump at the TV screen to try and fetch one! Did you ever do that?

For the 4th of July I got to go across the mountains to spend a few days with my cousin Hendrix. We have THE BEST time—especially now that I am bigger and can run faster! When we're not chasing each other in his yard, we're wrestling virtually non-stop (this drives my aunt crazy)! Another favorite game of ours is "Keep Away"—Hendrix tries to stand up extra tall to try to keep the prized toy away from me, but sometimes I actually get it! I LOVE THIS GAME!

I got carsick on the way to and from his house. These mountains are just so MOUNTAINY, with their hard curves and rapid changes in elevation. UGH! My tummy pulls this way and then that way... I can't take it! I knew I was probably going to lose it after my girl announced, "HEY, MOM! MACY'S LEAKING!" Mom did her best to mop up my drool, but alas it was to no avail. Breakfast was revisited. Mom has since bought this stuff that my trainer recommended that is supposed to help with carsickness. I think she intends to put it to the test soon!

Last weekend I lost FOUR TEETH! Then yesterday I was wrestling with mom and her arm got all bloody—I lost another tooth while we were playing! My first canine! Mom tried to see how may baby teeth I have left, but I like to wiggle an awful lot and it's hard for her to get a good look. I think I heard her say there might be three left? Mom is thinking about changing my name to "Gums" (not funny). Dad thinks it's weird that mom is collecting my baby teeth. Who asked him anyways?

I started Intermediate Puppy classes today! I was so excited to see my trainer again! He has the BEST treats! He has a pup named Macy too! Mom has pretty much taken this last week or so off from working with me diligently and it took me a while to get back in learning mode. Sometimes it's just more fun to screw off and be a misfit. Do what you're good at!

Hope you are having a great summer! Our blogger friends have been on our minds! Hopefully mom will quit being so lazy and get the camera out and snap off some new pictures. I am sure you'd be interested to see how much I've grown (my girl says I'm bigger)!

Gummy nibbles,


  1. You are growing up so fast, Macy! It sounds like you are having a great summer though!


  2. Yes! We need pictures! Glad you're having a good summer :) Great job on the teeth! I found most of Augie's, but who knows where all of Ti's went?? (Well, I think I can guess...)

  3. Sounds like a great summer so far (and those mountain roads do take a little getting used to).

  4. Macy I understand exactly what you mean. I would get car sick everytime I rode in Mom's car when I was little. Even if we were just taking a 5 minute trip. Luckily I grew out of it. Good luck!

  5. I'll bet you're starting to look so grown up! And don't worry about the car sickies. That'll get better as you get older!


  6. Wow! Four whole teeths! Do ya have any lefts???