Sunday, April 18, 2010

Visiting Cousin Hendrix

We took Macy on a little road trip to introduce her to my family, including her new "cousin" Hendrix. He is a four-month old German Shepherd mix.

He is a very sweet handsome lad that recently grew LEGS.

He was pretty excited that Macy came to see him and had fun showing her some of his most beloved toys.

She was afraid of his size and energy level at first, so we kept them separated. Eventually we removed the gate and they played quite nicely together—Hendrix even shared his favorite toys and chewies with her which she really enjoyed!

Eventually it was time to head back across the mountains towards home. Cousin Hendrix sent her home with a new woobie! She was grateful to have it to use as a pillow on the long drive back home. Zzz...

Thank you for the new woobie Cousin Hendrix!!

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  1. Both doggies are adorable! You must have had a lot of fun seeing them together!